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Xpel Door Edge And DoorSill Guard Kits

Xpel now offers an easy way to provide paint protection products for the most commonly damaged areas of automobiles and trucks. Made from XPEL's durable paint protection films, these DIY products are designed to protect vehicles from chips, scratches, scuffs and abrasions. XPEL's clear paint protection films are virtually invisible when applied, while the black embossed PVC films hide existing damage to paint and protect against new scratches and abrasions.

Xpel's Door Edge Guard is an 8 mil polyurethane film. Invisible when applied, XPEL's Door Edge Guard Kit includes enough material to protect four doors. Available in a 12-foot DIY kit and a bulk 100-foot roll. Xpel's Doorsill Guard Kit protects the highly visible doorsill area as occupants enter and exit the vehicle. XPEL's Doorsill Guard Kit includes one 60-inch x 2.75-inch strip of durable removable film that protects the doorsill plate. Available in a 12-foot DIY kit and a bulk 100-foot roll in clear and black. For more information, visit

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