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Vizualogic SmartLogic Rear Seat Entertainment System

Vizualogic now offers its Smartlogic rear seat entertainment system that features two 2 US-made Android based multimedia devices. The kit will retail for $1499 and includes two fully removable android systems that dock into Vizulogic’s PerfectMatch headrests. When docked, the headrests charge the system; they also provide external USB ports for a keyboard, a mouse, USB drive and other accessories.
Audio from the system can be transmitted through the integrated FM transmitter to the vehicle’s radio. The kit will include a pair of wireless headphones, a set of ear buds, a carrying case and home charger for each device. The system also features a 1 GHz processor, 4GB of storage (upgradeable with a microSD card to 36GB), a front facing camera, Wi-Fi and a 7” screen. Running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, they allow passengers to enjoy games, music, and movies, along with email, web browsing, video chat and steaming video when paired with a Wi-Fi hotspot. Visit

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