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Truck Sales Begin To Waver Nearing The End Of 2012

While November 2012 truck sales continue to rise, GM posts a drop in sales for its Silverado and Sierra pickups. Sales for these vehicles were down 10.4 percent from last year, but this may also be due to the early retooling of 2014 model trucks that has allowed current model inventories to drop.

In addition, the mid-size truck category also seems to be on a downward trend. The Nissan Frontier, Chevrolet Colorado, and GMC Canyon, have repoted sales decreases comnpared to 2011. Meanwhile Dodge Dakota sales seem non existent adn the Ford Ranger is not far behind. Commotion in the auto industry has GM and Ford commiting to their full-size truck lines in the near future, but there's also a definite move towards CUV vehicles that may or may not replace mid-sized truck models.

November 2012 Sales Figures Compared To Novemer 2011

Ford F-Series - 56,229, Up 17.9 Percent

Chevrolet Silverado - 30,674, Down 10.4 Percent

Ram 1500, 2500, 3500 - 24,337, Up 23 Percent

Toyota Tacoma - 12,272, Up 26 Percent

GMC Sierra - 11,726, Down 2.0 Percent

Toyota Tundra - 8309, Up 31.6 Percent

Nissan Frontier - 3882, Down 10.2 Percent

Nissan Titan - 1750, Down 18.5 Percent

Chevrolet Colorado - 1327, Down 32.9 Percent

Honda Ridgeline - 1290, Up 38 Percent

GMC Canyon - 330, Down 28.6 Percent

Ford Ranger - 28, Down 99.6 Percent

Ram Dakota - 0, Down 100 Percent

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