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Rostra Introduces The TextBuster

Rostra Precision Controls, Inc. introduces the TextBuster® a device that disables the data functions on phones while the owner is driving a vehicle. Rostra has partnered with Access2Communications Inc. to bring driver safety solutions to the automotive aftermarket. TextBuster®, developed and manufactured by Access2Communications, is a simple solution to one of today’s worst driving habits…texting while driving. TextBuster® is a patent-pending device that will disable the data functions of the driver’s phone while driving the vehicle. This device will prevent the driver from
accessing all text, email or internet functions while the ignition is on. Phone calls and
GPS functions will continue to be available.

TextBuster® also features a tracking device program that can monitor the driver’s activities and locations. If pre-set parameters are exceeded a SMS/Text notification will be sent to the parent, guardian or fleet manager. The same SMS/Text notification will be sent if the application is tampered with, disabled or removed from the vehicle.

Easy to install and neatly tucked away under the vehicle’s dash, this potential lifesaving product will not interfere with any other hands-free or Bluetooth items in the vehicle. This device does not block incoming or outgoing phone calls, only the driver’s ability to become distracted while driving and texting. For more informaiton, visit

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