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RoadWire Launches EBay Motors Online Store

Roadwire Automotive Innovation has announced the launch of an all-inclusive eBay store offering consumers the ability to purchase aftermarket leather interiors and seat heaters online, and have the products installed through an experienced and trained installer network. “This is another set of firsts for our industry,” stated Roadwire VP Dave Edmondson. “Our goal is to meet consumer needs by providing a reliable and proven process for installing aftermarket products with advanced, in-seat passenger safety electronics, such as occupant classification systems (OCS) and airbags. By including installation in the sale, the consumer is treated to a professional experience from start to finish through a nationwide network of professional installers, provided by InstallerNet.”

InstallerNet ( is an installation-solutions provider for the consumer electronics industry, which delivers technology, services and logistics to consumer electronics retailers, manufacturers and installers. The company specializes in merchandising and coordinating consumer electronics installation services through the nation’s largest network of independently owned mobile- and home-electronics installers. “We are excited to partner with eBay on this breakthrough program," says Edmonson.
"Not only will the Roadwire eBay Store build awareness of the availability of aftermarket leather interiors and seat heaters. It will greatly enhance the consumer’s vehicle-ownership experience.”

Roadwire, a third-generation company based in Austin, Texas, is a global automotive technology company that provides and manufactures innovative products to new- and pre-owned vehicle markets facilitated by more than 2,000 authorized installers. Its catalog of products includes OEM and aftermarket leather-trimmed interiors, climate-controlled seating, seat heaters, electric sunroofs, myTop®, the world’s first all-electric convertible top for the Jeep® Wrangler, and other patented technologies designed to enhance comfort and security for the next generation of automobiles and light-duty trucks. For more information, visit

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