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Renegade Bubba Rope Recovery Strap

Bubba Rope now offers the Renegade kinetic energy recovery ropes for Jeep lovers. The Renegade is designed for the Jeep and light truck owner who loves to live on the off-road edge. With a breaking strength of 19,000 lbs. the Renegade is the perfect recovery rope, and measures 3/4” X 20’ long. Built to military specs, the camo green with black eyes Renegade comes with its own mesh carrying bag and Bubba Rope camo Velcro strap—all easily and compactly stored in your vehicle. Gator-ize® is added protection that is applied to Renegade as well as the entire Bubba Rope line. This process uses two types of high performance elastic polymer coatings giving the rope a durable outer skin similar to the tough hide of a Florida ‘gator. The entire rope is dipped and cured in this coating, penetrating deep into the soft nylon rope fibers. Gator-izing not only helps protect Bubba Ropes from harmful UV rays, water, mud, sand and abrasion, but it also flexes allowing the rope to stretch 30% - 35%. For more information, visit

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