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Pop & Lock Tailgate Locks For Toyota Tacoma

Pop & Lock now offers tailgate locks for the 2005 to 2014 model Toyota Tacoma pickups. These new manual and power tailgate products will provide a secure locking option to the factory tailgate.These new products include the BOLT® Codeable Full Handle Replacement (PL5400), Standard Full Handle Replacement (PL5500), Smart Lock Combo w/BOLT® Codeable (PL8540), and the Smart Lock Combo Standard Kit (PL8550).

The Tailgate Locks equipped with BOLT® codeable lock technology, allow the tailgate lock to be coded to the factory ignition key.  The Smart Lock Combo kits contain both a manual and power lock that work in tandem to provide security and convenience. The full handle replacement kits can also be painted to an OEM standard color.  “The Smart Lock Combo Kits give our customers the security of a key, but peace of mind knowing their tailgate is locked along with their passenger doors when using the vehicle’s key remote”, says Jeff Pierquet, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for VSI, LLC, the parent company of Pop & Lock. For more information, visit

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