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New Pace Edwards POP Displays

Pace Edwards recently introduced its new POP displays, that are designed to be lighter, eye-catching, easy to assemble, and very different than traditional tonneau cover displays used in the past. According to Vern Kaufman, Pace Edwards' Sales and Business Development Manager, the old-style rectangular displays used in may retail stores often get broken, and end up piling-up with junk and pamphlets on top of them. The new POP displays weigh only seven pounds, and are easy for salespeople to carry into a retail store and assemble in a matter of minutes.

Pace Edwards designed their POP displays with  elliptical sections that each showcase the product's features and benefits at a glance, with integrated pockets that allow take-home brochures to be mounted to the display. Two POP displays are available. One features the entire Pace Edwards product line, while another features the Pace Edwards Switchblade tonneau cover. For more information visit

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