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Maradyne’s Jetstreme II Fans

Maradyne now offers it's Jeatstreme II electric fans that feature the company's quiet S-blade design and a rubber seal to eliminate vibration contact and increase airflow. Fitting 26" to 29" radiator cores, this low-profile fan has dual sealed motors that are IP68-certified dustproof and waterproof.
There are three options in the Jetstreme II product line. Available in a 130 watt, 160 watt, and 225 watt versions, each measuers 26" wide by 15" high, and delivers 2,310 and 2,600 cfm, and 3100 cfm of airflow. Each system is made from all glass-filled nylon construction, and feature concentric rings that prevent the blades from flexing as they achieve maximum RPM. Maradyne offers a recommended wire harness, sold separately, to operate an electric radiator fan according to engine water temperature. For more information, visit

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