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LEER Model 180CC Fiberglass Commercial Cap Cuts Fleet Costs

LEER's 180CC mid-rise fiberglass commercial cap provides approximately 20 percent more interior space than traditional cab-high caps. The cap was designed to maximize cargo space, allowing fleets to potentially reduce the amount of trips needed to haul loads and ultimately lower fuel costs. In addition Leer's 180CC's aerodynamic design cuts through the wind far more efficiently to reduce drag.

The 180CC is painted to match most original truck manufacturer’s paint formulas at no extra charge, (tri-coat paint colors do incur an additional cost).  In addition, fleet managers can order the base-cap model and outfit the 180CC anyway they llike. This allows them to add just the features they need such as; tool boxes, dividers, lights, power sources, etc., without paying for any unwanted extras.

The 180CC is reinforced to stand up to the grueling demands of commercial service and offers factory-installation of several commercial-grade roof rack systems with up to 400 lb capacities. Fore more information, visit

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