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July 2013 Truck Sales Figures

Truck sales continue to climb in July of 2013 with introductions of new 2014 body styles and specialty model trucks. GM began selling its 2014 Silverado with great fanfare and anticiption for this new body style, which shows in their total sales figures for July. Aftermarket manufacturers are rushing to build and ship new products for this body style. Becauase studies show 80 percent of new truck owners will add some kind of truck accessory within the first three months of purchase, sales in aftermarket parts should see a slight peak between now and into the fall. Dodge also had good sales in July and continue to increase, making it a solid platform from which truck accessory stores can stock and sell products to these vehicle owners. Ford still remains  in the top sales spot.with its F-series trucks.

Sales Figures For June 2013 vs June 2012

Ford F-Series 60,449 +22.6% vs 2012
Chevrolet Silverado 42,080 +45.2% vs 2012
Dodge Ram 31,314 +31.4% vs 2012
GMC Sierra 16,582 +49.3% vs 2012
Toyota Tacoma 13,882 +22% vs 2012
Toyota Tundra 9,820 +7.0% vs 2012
Nissan Frontier 5,615 +0.1% vs 2012
Chevrolet Avalanche 1,496 -17.9% vs 2012
Honda Ridgeline 1,645 +67.7% vs 2012
Nissan Titan 1,168% -42%vs 2012

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