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What Jeep’s Extended Production Run Means For Your Accessory Sales

According to a recent report by Detroit News, Chrysler plans to extend the production of the current Jeep JK Wrangler. According to the news source, the JK will be in production until 2018, giving it an 11-year model run. The previous Jeep TJ, had a nine-year run. The report also indicated that the Wrangler will go in for a re-design in 2016. This unusually long production run gives aftermarket manufacturers a great opportunity to prmote and sell products in the Jeep Wrangler market, which will stick around for quite a while.

What this means for truck accessory retailers, is that selling accessory products for this model vehicle,  is an investment that's sure to pay off in the long run. Manufacturers such as Dee-Zee, Cequent, Bushwacker, Bed-Rug and more have invested heavily into the Jeep Wrangler market with a variety of products. "No doubt the Jeep market has been booming.” says Dan Kruzic of Dee-Zee. “Jeep has always had a very dedicated group of enthusiasts, but the addition of the four- door Wrangler has opened up a totally new market, making it more attractive as the family vehicle.

These manufacturers also know that a majority of Jeep Wrangler owners are not serious off-road rock crawlers who need specialized equipmemt. Most are used for daily transportation and occassional light-off road use. This is why they have based their products for this vehicle towards accessories like storage boxes, side-steps, interior protection, lighting, towing and cargo accessories etc. Because  many truck acessory retailers already carry major brands for a variety of pickup trucks, selling to Jeep owners isn't too far of a stretch to your store's inventory. With the extended production run of the JK Wrangler, the market for accessories can only grow and help increase your customer base. 

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