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Installing A Husky Liner Mud Flap On A Ford F-150

One of the easiest ways to protect the fenders of your customer’s Ford F-150 pickups is to install a set of mudflaps. Husky Liner mud flaps are made from impact resistant thermoplastic that prevents mud, rocks, and debris from kicking up and damaging the vehicle.

Installation of a Husky Liner Mud Flap is simple and comes with high-quality 3M adhesive tape and self-tapping screws that secure the mud flap to the vehicle’s wheel wells. The Husky Mud Flaps are form fitted to their specific application, and even includes paint protection film that fits over the mud flap mounting surface to protect the vehicle’s paint.

The Husky Liner video below demonstrates the installation on a Ford F-150 that fits perfectly and offers a greater level of protection for the vehicle. For more information, visit



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