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Hopkins Introduces Smart-Hitchâ„¢ Camera and Sensor System

To eliminate the frustration while backing a truck and hitching up a trailer, Hopkins now offers is Smart Hitch™ Camera System to the Hopkins Towing Solutions product line. The Smart Hitch Camera™ System is equipped with Hitch Mode locator in the middle of a 3.5-inch monitor to help truck owners align the hitch ball with the tongue of the trailer.

The Smart Hitch Camera™ System uses sensors and a wide-angle camera together in one unit. Equipped with Smart-Zone™ sensing, the sensors actively sense the location and how far away the object is from the vehicle, letting you know the exact location of an object. An alarm sound will increase in intensity as the object behind the vehicle becomes closer. The color monitor displays what the object is behind the vehicle and lets you know how close you are to the object with green, yellow, and red indicators on the screen.

The Smart Hitch™ Camera is also simple to install. The system mounts behind the license plate and accesses power by plugging in behind the tow package connector without any splicing. The Plug-in Simple® connector retains electrical functions on the tow vehicle connector. For more information, visit

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