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Ford Seeks 3-MPG Improvement for F-150 Trucks by 2015

According to Ford spokespersons, the company is targeting fuel ecomy as its strategy for future models of it's F-150 pickups, and aims to improve it 15-20 percent by 2015. According to Ford, it is implementing a two-billion dollar redesign of the F-series in 2014, which includes a three-mile per gallon improvment. According to a recent article in Automotive News, the company claims to achieve it's fuel economy target by reducing an average of 700-750 pounds from each vehicle, largely through the extensive use of aluminum for doors, fenders, cab and tailgate. This, according to Automotive News sources, says that the part of the F-series overhaull also includes a redesign the major chassis components, including brakes and axles to further reduce weight.

In addition, it's also been reported that Ford is working with other auto manufacturers to produce eight and nine speed automatic transmissions, and a family of new highly fuel efficient engines that may imploy Ford's EcoBoost technology. The 2014 F-series is expected to be available with an 8-speed automatic.

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