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DoMore Truck CamStep

DoMore Truck™ Company is proud to announce the addition of the CamStep and the GrabBar to their line of pickup truck accessories. The DoMore Truck™ CamStep is an all new side step available for most full size pickup trucks and mounts to the frame of your truck in front of your rear tire on either side of the vehicle. It operates with a cam action and has easy one hand operation. Once extended, the step opens in the optimum position for you to reach over the side of the bed. When you’re finished just lift the step pad and push it back up along the cam path until it latches. The CamStep is made of welded steel construction, e-coated for durability with a treaded rubber step pad for a non-slip surface. Guaranteed to hold 400 lbs, all black to blend out of sight and made in the USA! For more information, visit

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