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CTEK MUS 3300 Battery Charger System

The MUS 3300 from CTEK is the perfect battery charger for multiple vehicle types. CTEK’s unique battery charging system allows owners to outfit all their 12 volt equipment with an easy access charging port that makes connecting to the charger fast and safe. From cars to lawn mowers to snowmobiles, the MUS 3300 can monitor and maintain all common battery types including AGM batteries. Using the mode button, consumers can conveniently select the type of battery and walk away because the CTEK MUS 3300 charger will handle the rest.
With its built-in short-circuit protection, the CTEK MUS 3300 takes the intimidation out of proper battery maintenance. All CTEK chargers are designed to be connected to the battery while still in the vehicle, without fear of damaging sensitive vehicle electronics. CTEK also offers optional accessories like the Comfort Indicator eyelet that can be permanently installed as a charging port as well as a battery status indicator that allows you to easily monitor the health of your vehicle’s battery. For more information, visit

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