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Clean Seal Inc. Flip-N-Seal Slide Out Sealing System

Clean Seal's new Flip-N-Seal is designed for RV's with slide-outs to provide superiour sealing while also being easier to ship and inventory. What's unique about the Flip-N-Seal is that iit can be coiled, making it easier to ship and take up less floor space during installaton. It also accommodates various wall thicknesses, gap distances, and wiper lengths, eliminating the need to purchase a variety of seals for every application. Clean Seal Inc. has taken the difficulty out of determining the seal needed for each separate make, model and floor plan with its products, the Flip-N-Seal, Flip-N-Bulb, and the Flip-N-Flap. Clean Seal Inc. providees a combination of these slide out sealing systems to improve the installation, function and weather ability of slide-out style RVs. For more information, visit

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