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Buyers Products SaltDogg Salt Spreaders

Buyers Products now offers the SaltDogg® SHPE1500-, SHPE2000- and SHPE2250-series salt spreaders standard in red and yellow polymer as well as the black.

The SaltDogg® series salt spreaders are intended for medium- to heavy-duty commercial spreading. The light-weight polymer material makes the spreaders easy to install and maintain. “The red and yellow standard color options are ideal for uniformity among fleets or to fit personal preferences,” said Brian Smith, marketing manager at Buyers Products. SaltDogg SHPE1500-series spreaders have a 1.5-cubic-yard capacity and SHPE 2000-series spreaders have a 2.0-cubic-yard capacity. Both have a 2.5-inch stainless steel, screw-type auger. SaltDogg SHPE2250-series spreaders provide a 2.2-cubic-yard capacity and have a 5.25-inch full length steel variable-pitch auger. For more information, visit

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