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BEDSLIDE VP Of Sales Joel Ayres Promoted To Partner

BEDSLIDE/Takit promoted the company's Vice President of Sales, Joel Ayres, to full partner. Ayers brings nearly 40 years of experience in the aftermarket truck accessories business, a comprehensive knowledge of the industry, and an exemplary level of expertise in all aspects of the trade. “I joined BEDSLIDE because I was greatly impressed with the product, the marketing tools that they had developed and their enthusiasm regarding their future," says Ayres. "We all share a vision and belief in the extraordinary potential of this company. Plus, the fact that I’ve never had more fun on the job, makes BEDSLIDE a perfect fit professionally and personally. It’s an honor to be asked to join the partnership."

“My mission has always been to select the best people and allow them the opportunity to create long-lasting success both individually and for the business," says Dan Marshal, President of BEDSLIDE. "Joel has proven to be a very valuable resource for the company, not just through his wisdom, experience and connections, which will certainly help us meet our goals for growth, but also Joel’s character. His passion is giving back to the community. He’s done a lot of work with foundations and children-focused charities.  We’re honored and excited to have him with us in this new capacity.”

With big plans regarding product design and marketing efforts to be unveiled in the next year, BEDSLIDE stands poised to take business to the next level. With the addition of Chief Marketing Officer and partner Jason Ehrlich, former President of Steelhead Advertising, Ayres will uses his extensive skills on national retail and specialty markets sales.

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