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American Force Wheel Designs New Wheel For Work Trucks

The new HD wheel from American Force Wheels is specifically designed for heavy duty work trucks. Custom manufactured in the U.S.A. from 6061 forged aluminum and high-quality materials, the HD dually wheel is available in three sizes and two lug fitment configurations. "The dedicated heavy-duty work truck is often neglected when it comes to customized styling, but not by American Force Wheels," says Ray Shadravan, President, American Force Wheels. "Our new HD dually design delivers all the function demanded by the hardest working trucks, while still offering a great unique look." The new American Force Wheels' dually HD is available in 22-inch, 19.5-inch and 19-inch fitments in either a 10- or 8-lug configuration. The wheel's heavy-duty application allows for pairing with commercial-grade semi-truck tires, a combination that provides for longer tire life and increased load-carrying and towing capacity. For more information, visit

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