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A.R.E. Offers New Interior Lighting

A.R.E now offers LED lighting for above the rear-door and LED rope lighting to illuminate the interior of truck caps and toolboxes. The LED lights can be wired directly into the vehicle's electrical system. A.R.E.'s LED lighting options are rated for 100,000 hours, far outshining the 25,000-hour rating for incandescent lights. With A.R.E.'s optional prop switch, the LED lights are conveniently turned on and off when the door is opened and closed, or lighting can be controlled with the manual on/off switch.
"Not only do our LED lights last longer, they are far brighter, use less energy and create less heat than incandescent bulbs" said Bryan Baker, director of marketing, A.R.E. The company's three-LED, 12-volt rear-door light replaces the incandescent light the industry has relied upon for decades.  Mounted inside the truck cap above the rear door, the LED fixture is noticeably brighter than tradition lighting.

The four-foot rope LED lighting offers a variety of ways to light up the interior of a truck cap or toolbox. Truck owners can opt for a single LED rope at the center of the cap or two parallel ropes, with one on either side of the cap roof. LED ropes can also be placed inside above the cap's windows. Inside toolboxes, an LED rope can illuminate the entire chamber. For more information, visit

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