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3M Auto Offers Quick and Convenient Solution for Light Duty Lens Restoration

With the introduction of 3M Auto’s latest product, 3M Quick Headlight Renewal, drivers can remove light haze in ten minutes. Effective as a one-time solution or as part of routine headlight care, 3M™ Quick Headlight Renewal, utilizes 3M Trizact abrasive technology. It uses a two-step process to remove light haziness and yellowing from headlight lenses. After cleaning both headlights with soap and water, use the 3000 grit Trizact Sanding Disc to remove yellowing and surface defects from the lenses. Then wipe them down with the 3M Rubbing Compound until both headlights are polished and clear. 3M Quick Headlight Renewal works on most plastic lenses including taillights, trailers, snowmobiles, emergency vehicle bars, plastic motorcycle lights and more. For more information, visit

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