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Posted: October 26, 2016

Installing A ProRyde Adjustable Lift System

Raising And Leveling The Ride On A Chevy Silverado

By Dan Sanchez

Restylers know that a truck with larger tires and a level stance will sell better on the vehicle lot. This is one of the reasons why lift and leveling systems are so popular. ProRyde is one manufacturer to took the leveling kit system one step further by creating a system that can be adjusted while its installed on the vehicle, and won a 2009 SEMA Best New Product Award. 

The company’s Adjustable Front Lift Kit is simple to install and allows the vehicle to be raised from 1.5 to 3-inches, depending on the vehicle make and model. This provides clearance for trucks and SUVs to utilize larger diameter tires. Demonstrated on a Chevrolet Silverado, the ProRyde system doesn’t require any special tools, and after installation, the vehicle’s ride height can be easily adjusted to fit any particular use.


On a flat, level surface, measure the vehicle’s pre-installation ride height, front and rear, and write down the measurements.











Position the vehicle on a stable, flat surface or automotive lift. Suspend the front wheels, lifting by the frame. Secure with jack stands & wheel chocks. Be sure the engine is turned OFF and the vehicle is in PARK.










The vehicle’s ABS bracket and sway bar links are removed from the control arms, while the upper tie-rod nuts and ball joint nuts are loosened but not removed.











A pry bar is used to release the coil spring pressure to remove the ball joint nut from the top control arm.












The strut assembly is removed by unbolting the three upper strut fasteners and the lower shock bolts. The ProRyde steel upper strut spacers are installed over the OE strut and it is bolted back into position.










ProRyde also provides  several lower strut aluminum spacers that in this application can offer anywhere from 1.25 to 2.5 inches of lift, depending on which spacer is installed.











The bottom of the strut is reinstalled using new hardware provided in the kit.











Once everything is tightened, the vehicle can be aligned and outfitted with larger diameter tires.










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