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Posted: April 15, 2015

Easy Protection Against Rock Chips

Installing Agri-Cover's Rockstar Mud Flaps

By Dan Sanchez

Agri-Cover Rockstar Mud FlapsA set of big mud-flaps work great to protect your camper, boat or trailer from rock chips while towing. But most truck owner's don't want them permanently mounted to their vehicles. This is one of the reasons why Agri-Cover's Rockstar™ Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps flaps are so popular. The mud flaps are mounted to the vehicle's hitch, not the fenders or bumper. This way they can be easily installed whenever you need them for towing, to protect a boat or trailer. But they can be just as easily removed to keep the vehicle looking good for a night out on the town, or for daily driving. 

Agri-Cover demonstrated how simple its Rockstar™ Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps are to install, and how they remain secure and stable while towing. Manufactured from aluminum with stainless steel hardware, it can withstand the elements and won't rust. The flaps are made with 1/2-inch thick rubber that reduces ice and mud build-up and are rated to resist heat damage at temperatures of up to 250-degrees F.  If your truck hs a custom exhaust or a dual-exhaust, the mud flaps also have cut-outs to accommodate the exhaust tips.


Attach the gusset to the frame with the six carriage bolts and torque them to 32 ft. lbs.








Assemble the clamp with the carriage bolts provided and attach them to the frame.








Adhesive rubber pads attach to the top of the frame. This allows a soft contact point between the frame and the bumper.








Slide the ball mount  through the frame and clamp. Then lift the assembly up and insert the ball mount into the receiver tube. Secure the assembly with the hitch pin and clip. 








Adjust the Rockstar™ frame so that it fits firmly against the bumper. Make sure the face of the frame is level and tighten all six carriage bolts on the clamp assembly and torque to 32 ft.-lbs.









The mud flaps are attached to the frame with the carriage bolts provided in the kit. Note the holes in the frame that can accommodate a custom exhaust. This requires cutting out the holes in the rubber flaps. 









Shown here on the top of the frame as a point of reference, these stabilizer brackets mount on the inside of the frame and help keep the frame securely positioned against the bumper. 








Adhesive pads are added to ensure that the stabilizer brackets don't damage the truck's bumper. Once everything is set and clamped down tight, the installation is complete. Simply pull the hitch pin to remove the entire assembly. 





Watch Agri-Cover's video on how to install the Rockstar Mud Flap. 



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