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Posted: March 20, 2015

Eight Tips To Improve Your Showroom

Focusing On Product Placement And Employees Can Make A Real Difference In Your Sales

By Stafanie Zalutko, Keystone Automotive Operations

Showroom experts constantly gather shopping information in order to maximize the potential for customers to see and purchase products from your retail store's shelves. While this has become almost a science for supermarkets, many of the same basic fundamentals for automotive aftermarket retailers is the same. Stefanie Zalutko, from Keystone Automotive Operations Inc., offers eight tips that have been compiled from working with many truck accessory retailers. Utilizing some of these tips can, in some cases, dramatically increase sales simply by arranging and making seasonal products more visible.

1) Focus on the product being displayed – it is KING!

2) Incorporate market trends, new products, new applications, best-selling, seasonal and clearance products into the rotation of store merchandising.

3) Merchandising options are endless: end caps, in-store displays, window clings, posters, shelf talkers, glass displayers, slat wall, overhead directional and supplier signage, carpets, counter mats, wall space, kiosks, gondolas, pegboard, appropriate props, etc. Consider what combination of options best suites the store and utilize every inch of space without making it look and feel cluttered.

4) Maintain consumer line of sight. Shy away from showcasing brown or white box packaging and display the product prominently to encourage an interactive experience whenever possible.

5) Avoid consumer confusion and anxiety by maintaining a clean, organized and presentable storefront with windows that shine, an entry that is inviting, floors that sparkle, as well as product that is competitively priced and showcased with like items.

6) Focus on the human senses, especially an effective use of color, lighting, music, product segmentation, display and demonstration, directional signage and aisle presentation.

7) Invest in the employees, as they are the face of any business. Sporting sleek uniforms, participating in continued education and training, as well as enhancing customer engagement are integral, should be taken seriously and executed properly in order to positively promote a retailer’s brand identity. According to Forbes Magazine, getting the customer to invest substantial time in the retail experience, especially for larger purchases, is a key factor in increased consumer purchase conversion rates. This means money in your pocket! Employee engagement is the biggest contributor to achieving this so invest, invest, invest in the people.

8) Retailers should recognize, evaluate and adopt best practice merchandising standards. There is a reason certain practices are considered benchmarks and while customization and differentiation are essential tools in any successful process, reinventing the entire wheel is not always the right approach; rather, a little fine tuning may be all that is necessary.

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