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Posted: September 23, 2016

Branching Out

Canadian Retailer Cap-it Seeks Franchises And New Success In The U.S. Truck-Accessory Market

By Dan Sanchez

At current count, Canadian truck-accessory retailer Cap-it® has 30 successful locations throughout the country that are exemplary models of what an upscale truck-accessory store should be. Owned and operated by Hank Funk (pictured in center), with his sons Mason and Andrew, the company is successful in the Canadian market and has 40 years of experience. The company now realizes that the truck-accessory market holds more opportunities in the United States, and because of this, Cap-it decided to partner with cap and tonneau manufacturer LEER to seek new franchise opportunities stateside. “LEER and Cap-it have a long history together successfully serving customers in Canada,” said John Stetham, LEER VP of sales, marketing and business development. “We have firsthand experience with the outstanding customer support and unmatched service Cap-it delivers. Their commitment to excellence mirrors ours and makes them an ideal partner for the LEER brand.”

Cap-it owes its current success to the unique approach to operating its retail outlets, focusing on professionalism, store design, innovation, creativity, branding, and proven systems it has learned throughout the company’s four decades of retail history. “The accessory market continues to grow by leaps and bounds across North America,” said Andrew Funk, president of Cap-it International Inc. and Cap-it USA Inc. “Our niche is creating an atmosphere of excitement and value-added service to our customers. When our customers walk in the door, our franchise partners welcome them like they would into their own homes.”

“I’ve been in the industry since 1977, almost 40 years ago, and remember when truck-accessory stores were run out of old service stations and in the bad part of town,” added Hank Funk, CEO and founder of Cap-it International Inc. and Cap-it USA Inc. “In Canada, nobody knew that there was money in the truck-accessory business until we started to open store after store. Starting from a fragmented industry, we have taken our concept to a new level. In many cases our upscale truck- accessory stores are located in ‘A’ locations.”

The partnership with LEER also gives Cap-it some added recognition as it establishes itself in the U.S. “We recognize that Cap-it is an unknown entity in the USA, and that’s why we are so excited to partner up with LEER,” said Funk. “We feel that cobranding at this particular time is a real benefit to Cap-it.”

Cap-it believes the truck-accessory market is primed for success for the right people who can use the purchasing strength a Cap-it franchise can offer, and is already positioned to move forward.  Early in 2015, Cap-it established a corporate U.S. office in Dallas, Texas, where the company will begin to seek new franchise opportunities and branch out.

“The market is changing. There’s so much competition, and customers are more informed that ever before,” noted Andrew Funk. “We are excited that our key suppliers have partnered up, so we can now offer exclusive territories for our system and the products our suppliers offer.” 

“Manufacturers are linking up with strong retailers like ourselves, where you can order it online and pick it up at one of our many locations,” said Hank Funk. “And Cap-it, with its upscale retail approach, can easily compete with the online and big-box retailers because of its huge buying power.

According to Cap-it, the company plans on opening two stores in the U.S. by next year, and is also looking at buying out existing truck cap dealers, as well as seeking locations and properties that they can renovate. For more information on franchise opportunities in Dallas-Ft. Worth, or to learn more about Cap-it® America’s Truck Accessory Stores™, visit

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