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Posted: July 31, 2015

An All-Time Low

Show Vehicle Designer Neil Tjin Gives An Expedition A New Look

By Candace Wittrock

Neil Tjin, president of Tjin Edition and marketing director at Vortech Superchargers, is one of the automotive industry’s most influential designers. He recently completed a 2015 Ford Expedition restyling project that has the industry abuzz. The overall appearance of the SUV is sleek and sophisticated, while the stance of the vehicle grants it an edgy look.

The exterior modifications began with an Axalta CT Grey paint job, applied by L&R Autobody. Tjin also added Custom Metal fender flares, a shaved roof rack, a custom hatch with built-in 007 switches, and a custom-made tailgate created by Josh Freeman and the team at Unique Fabrication. To top off the flawless fabrication work, custom headlights from Lightwurkz were added to the front of the Expedition.

As you can see, the SUV looks as though it floats on air. That’s because of the six-inch suspension drop in the front and rear of the SUV, which was paired with Air Lift struts, VIAIR compressors, an Accuair air-management system, and AirRex digital gauges by Unique Fabrication.

The suspension modifications were enhanced with Falken tires measuring 295/35/24 in the front and 305/35/24 tires in the rear. To conclude the look, the factory wheels were swapped out for Rotiform 24x10 (front) and 24x12 for the back.

The Expedition interior got an upgrade with Katzkin Leather’s black and grey upholstery featuring the Tjin Edition Platinum logo. To show off the shine of the new and improved upholstery, Tjin had L&R Autobody install a set of twin sunroofs. Additional interior modifications, also installed by L&R Autobody, include a full array of Sony subwoofer, mid- and high-range speakers for a great-sounding audio system, as well as Scosche wiring, fuse boxes, and battery connectors.

“In 2003 I started working in the industry designing and building cars for the OEMs, including Scion, Honda, Ford and GM,” said Tjin. “This project was in conjunction with Ford for the (2014) SEMA Show. It is also now one of the tour vehicles on the Tjin Edition Road Show. We also used this vehicle to R&D parts with our partners.”

Overall, Neil Tjin has done it again, creating a work of automotive art. His flawless designs and attention to detail set this Expedition apart from the rest with its smooth, clean body modifications and a classic suspension drop. Tjin's designs definitely showcase his creativity and knowledge of how to keep the automotive industry thirsty for more.

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