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Posted: February 28, 2014

Use Existing Product Lines As Crossovers To The Work-Truck Market

Mark Mathews at Smittybilt discusses methods to upfit work trucks with off-road accessories.

By Mark Mathews

Retailers and restylers who are heavy into selling off-road accessories will find they may already have products on their shelves that they can promote to work-trucks and fleets. Many truck products can be beneficial to accessorize any work-truck, and make it more effective at the job site. For example, Smittybilt's products cross over to the work-truck, because of the added utility and features they provide. For example, Smittybilt has a new universal tie-down system that was designed for truck owners needing to haul motorcycles in the bed, but also has many more uses for people who use their truck to earn a living.

An added benefit to off-road accessories is that they can upgrade the appearance of the truck, as well as be useful in a work environment. The Smittybilt M1 bumpers are a perfect example of this. Aside from adding style to the vehicle, they also feature an integrated winch mount and D-ring mounts for use with recovery. Our new Defender Racks are also seeing a lot of crossover, because of its strong construction and added utility mounts for carrying extra gear. Other products like our X20 waterproof winches, Smart Cover bed covers, M1 Fender Flares and more, make perfect sense for truck owners who also want to make a memorable impression when they arrive.

Smittybilt recently introduced its Contractor’s Rack, as part of its line of products that would appeal to the work-truck market. The rack has a universal design that allows it to easily bolt on to any truck, features a removable rear cross bar with a wind deflector to eliminate cab noise, and incorporates gusseted corners for added strength. Any retailer and restyler wanting to get more work-truck and commercial fleet business, needs to showcase these types of products in a showroom display. Smittybilt offers a variety of turnkey displays that make it easier to show the features and benefits of products. There is also a lot of opportunity to sell off demo vehicles. Having your shop truck outfitted with the products you sell can help you close the deal. If you trust and use the products you sell, you are also going to be confident recommending them.

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