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Posted: April 04, 2014

Two Entrepreneurs Offer A New Perspective On Stake Bed Mounts

Two guys with a great idea are trying to break into the truck accessory market with a new stake pocket mount

By TTM Staff

Entering the truck accessory market is not always easy. But for two entrepreneurs, who came up with a good idea, they're jumping-in to begin manufacturing and branding their new product for pickup trucks.

Jack Oriente and Joe O'Regan are friends and neighbors who during one afternoon, discussed their frustration with the lack of a mounting platform to fly a flag on their pickup trucks. "My family has always been patriotic," says O'Regan. "My father came here from Ireland, joined the Army to get his citizenship and has never been prouder. I always wanted to find a visually appealing way to fly the American flag on my Dodge Ram. I looked at the minimal amount of products, and none fit my vision of what I wanted. I ended up just sticking four pieces of wood in my stake pocket holders, with a 3’X5’ flag mounted on each. I tied them all off together with bungee cords for added stability."

When O'Regan told Oriente about a way to display a flag on his truck, they came up with a unique bed stake pocket design which they patented, and features a variety of interchangeable mounts that make it easy to add an anchor for securing cargo, or anchor a flag post. 

After a few modifications of their initial design, they came up with a prototype of a Quick Release/Quick Change Flag Holder. The design features a bed steak pocket mount with an interchangable top. The tops include a flag holder, tie-down anchor, or a flat protective cover. Their unique system features a quick-release mechanism that allows the truck owner to easily switch from one top to the next.

"We agreed to pursue this together and, with input, Jack put in many hours and came up with beautiful and functional prototypes. We have successfully applied for, and gained, a patent for the quick release/quick change design and are patent pending on the stationary stake pocket flag holder. We have successfully tested these in a real world application and look forward to licensing our designs with a manufacturer that can also see an unfulfilled need for these great products," says O'Regan.

With any luck, the Quick Release/Quick Change Flag Holder will be a successful venture, and provide the truck accessory industry with a new product. For the moment, Oriente and O'Regan are still working on refining their product, but have already gained some attention.

Retailers and manufacturers interested in the producct can contact Oriente and O'Reganby e-mailing them at

Readers Respond

Where can I buy thes? By Michael Blackwell on 2017 02 09
how do i order stake pocket By on 2016 10 10
Interested in ur Stack Bed Mounts for the Flags. Bob 478-262-0521 would like to buy several off you and talk to you about it, Thx.. Call me tomorrow if you could Plz By Bob Kerper on 2016 07 20
Would like to buy two of your stack pocket flag mounts with the longer flag poles By michael golden on 2016 07 18
How can I order these. By Terry Carr on 2016 06 30
How can I order these? By on 2015 12 16
please call me 704-664-1484 Need info on Stake Pocket for trucks By cathy on 2015 07 11
Need info on stake pocket for pickup trucks. (Flags) Cost and Phone number. By cathy on 2015 07 11
Hi I seen your product and I really like it I want to buy some asap! Please let me know how I can do that thanks By Joshua ball on 2015 07 09
Really like the idea By Laura Bowman on 2014 04 14
Great idea, and great design. I'm certain that you will find an opportunity in the truck accessory markets for sure. I love how innovative we think about the things that life make easier. Cheers, Jodie By Jodie Andersen on 2014 04 08
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