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Posted: February 17, 2014

Spot Trucks Hauling Heavy Loads To Sell Unique Hitch Products

Identify your customer's needs to get them into the right towing products for their application

By Raymond Padgett, VP at Blue Ox

It's easy to identify work truck ownes, because they carry heavy tools in the bed and tow heavy trailers. Therefore, these truck owners are potential customers and can benefit from certain hitch products. Many work-trucks have to tow very heavy trailers that are often driven over uneven terrain to reach the work site. So it’s easy to spot a potential customer who might need a product like our SwayPro weight-distribution hitch to smooth out the ride. Any truck and trailer that is not riding level is a great way to spot a potential customer that you can help to provide a safer towing experience.

Blue Ox has had great success with SwayPro in the RV market, but we recently launched it into the light-duty pickup truck market. Because of this, the SwayPro can provide features and benefits that work-truck/fleet customers can use to their advantage. It also allows retailers who install hitches and towing equipment an additional way to reach more customers in that market segment.

Weight-distribution hitches haven’t changed in 40 years, so we designed the SwayPro to incorporate an integrated suspension system and pre-set adjustments. This makes it easier to use and more adaptable to fleets that may have multiple weight and size trailers. With the product’s ease of adaptability, the SwayPro can provide a cost savings to fleets with multiple trucks and trailers, giving retailers the advantage of selling one product that will work in multiple applications.

It’s important to communicate key product features to retailers, so they in turn can better see how it can benefit the work-truck customer. Most truck owners don’t realize when they need a product like a weight-distribution hitch. Almost all trailer/truck combinations would benefit from a weight-distributing hitch, but the heavier the trailer the more critical that need. We recommend retailers look for fleets or work-trucks that are towing more than 5,000 lbs. or have a tongue weight greater than 500 lbs.  Those are the best candidates for a product like the SwayPro. Also, if fleets are towing heavy trailers that are at the maximum or beyond the capacity of the factory hitch, you can often upgrade the capacity dramatically by using a weight- distributing hitch. Check the hitch’s weight-carrying versus weight-distributing capacity to see how much of an upgrade this can be.

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