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Posted: June 27, 2013

Shielded From Boredom

EGR Found A Way To Make Hood Shields, Window Visors, And Side Steps Cool

By Dan Sanchez

Most people don’t brag about their cool sport utility vehicle. But that doesn’t prevent SUV owners from adding aftermarket products such as a hitch, window visors, floor mats, and more, to help make their daily tasks with it a little easier. So with all the accessorizing, why couldn’t an SUV be something that’s both utilitarian and cool to drive?

That’s what EGR North America, manufacturers of hood shields, side steps, and window visors, thought when it decided to build a 2012 SEMA show vehicle out of a Ford Edge. “SUVs aren't typically seen as sexy. They’re more like soccer mom vehicles,” says Tim Horwill, president of EGR North America. “We wanted to prove that we can make an SUV look awesome, and we believe we have achieved that with the EGR integrated side steps, matte black window visors and hood shields.”

Those new products were applied to the Edge, and received a tremendous response from both consumers and truck accessory retailers. EGR’s new products look right at home on the customized Edge, that was also outfitted with 22-inch diameter TSW wheels, 265/35R22 Falken tires, and H&R lowering springs. A 3M matte vinyl wrap effectively accents the company’s new matte black deflectors to the point where they almost blend into the vehicle’s body lines. EGR also added a Magnaflow cat back exhaust to allow the SUV to sound as good as it looks.

EGR definitely made a statement with the Edge and also applied this same technique to a Jeep JK Wrangler and Hyundai Santa Fe.  “Building a show vehicle like this one, helps with branding through the association of cool looking cars,” says Horwill. The company has primarily been the largest U.S. manufacturer of OEM deflectors, so branding the EGR name hasn’t been a focus until recently. But with the success of the Edge, the company plans to use this method of branding in the future. “Wa have four vehicles planned for this coming SEMA show which will span across all passenger vehicles including trucks, cars, SUV’s and Jeeps, to show off our accessory range,” says Horwill. With the methods used to create the Ford Edge, EGR has definitely showcased how adapting new ideas to existing products, can help start new trends that can increase future sales.

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