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Posted: April 09, 2014

Seat Savvy

Saving Your Truck's Seats With Covercraft Work-Truck Seat Covers

By Dan Sanchez

Getting to and from the job-site in your work-truck is great. But when you head home, you definitely don't want mud, dirt or debris from the site getting into your truck's seats. This is one of the reasons, Covercraft created it's work-truck seat covers, that incorporate durable Carhartt branded duck weave fabric.

These seat protector are custom made to fit perfectly over your factory truck seats and come in Carhartt Brown or Gravel gray and features storage pockets with rivets to take lots of abuse from the job-site.

While typical automotive seat covers are designed to enhance and stay on your vehicle's upholstery, the Covercraft work-truck seat covers are designed to go-on easily, and remove quickly, for those times when you want your truck's original upholstery to make a good impression.

The Covercraft work-truck seat cover kit covers the seat bottoms and seat backs, as well as the headrest and center console (if equipped). Furthermore, they can be easily cleaned in your washer and dryer without worrying about ruining the covers.

Additional information on the availability and style of Covercraft's work-truck seat covers is available at



The first step is to fit the Covercraft seat covers over the headrest and onto the seat back.








Make sure the cover fits snugly around the top of the seat and that the head rest rods are through the opening at the top. 








Tuck the center of the seat cover into the space between the seat back and bottom, and push the retaining strap through the gap. Then pull the bottom of the seat cover over the bottom cushion. 









The retaining strap fits through the gap between the seat back and bottom cushion. Use the strap to hold the cover in place following the instructions. 









 The headrest covers simply slip over the factory headrests and the installation is complete. Your seats are protected and the covers can be removed quickly when necessary. 











 Covercraft's work-truck seat covers are made using Carhartt's durable duck-weave fabric and feature tripple stitched seams for extra durability. 


















 The covers also feature pockets with riveted edges so that they won't rip or tear when  you use them to hold gear. 


















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