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Posted: July 10, 2014

Roof Top Hauling

Installing Go-Rhino's Universal Safari Rack

By Dan Sanchez

Carrying cargo on any SUV just got easier with Go Rhino's new Safari Rack. This universal fit rack is available in 40" x 48" and 40" x 60" sizes to fit mid-sized to full-size sport utility vehicles with an existing cargo rack.

We met up with Go-Rhino who demonstrated how the rack is installed on this 2013 Ford Expedition. The rack features a stainless fairing with light tabs for mounting accessory driving lights, and comes with all of the necessary clamps to install easily. The installation began by simply making sure the factory roof rack bars were evenly spread apart to properly support the rack. Then, measurements were taken to note the distance of the factory roof rack bars, so the Go Rhino clamps could be properly set in position.

With the help of a friend, the Go-Rhino Safari Rack is set on top of the factory roof rack. The clamps sandwich the rack against the factory cross bars. Go-Rhino suggested not to over tighten the nuts on the clamps to prevent any damage. Just make sure they are snug and hold the Safari Rack in place without vibrations.

Once all four clamps were put in place, the installation was complete. The stainless faring helps direct air over the rack and cargo and because the rack has a basket shape, its easy to attach bungee cords or light-duty tie-straps to secure cargo. For more information on the Safari Rack, visit


Go-Rhino's Safari Rack is available in 40" x 48" and 40" x 60" sizes to fit mid-sized to full-size sport utility vehicles with an existing cargo rack.








A simple clamp system sandwiches the rack against the factory cargo rack cross bars. The U-shaped holes in the center rubber section of the clamp, fit around the Safari Rack's cage structure and hold it firmly in place. 







The first step was to measure and adjust the cross bars on the rack so that they could be adjusted to properly set the Safari Rack on top of. The position of the cross bars were also noted as they would be used to roughly locate the positions of the clamps on the rack. 







Here you can see how the clamps were set in position according to where the factory cross bars are set on the vehicle. 








With the help of a friend, the rack can be set up on top of the vehicle and centered onto the roof rack. 








With the Safari Rack centered on the cross bars, the clamps are set in place. Go-Rhino recommends tightening the clamps only until the clamp studs are flush with the top of the plastic tightening nuts. This prevents over tightening. 







The finished installation looks great and is ready to secure cargo for a great vacation or weekend trip. 








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I am looking for a roof rack to fit my, Acura - MDX - 2005 Can't find it on your web. If you carry, contact me At. By Jusbani on 2014 07 22

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