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Posted: September 27, 2013

Restyling A Jeep With An RK Sport Hood

RK Sport demonstrates how a simple hood upgrade, can completely change the appearance of an average Jeep Wrangler

By Dan Sanchez

Jeep Wranglers are extremely popular vehicles that are upgraded to perform well off-road, and look good while driving the kids to school. So it's no wonder that RK Sport's new sport hood for 2007- 2013 JK Wranglers, has become a popular upgrade. The hood provides an exceptional appearance with optimum engine cooling and airflow from a low-rise center scoop and heat extractors. In addition, the company collaborated with Volant Performance, to make the scoop fully functional when using Volant’s cold air intake system (sold separately).

The hood attaches in minutes using the vehicle’s factory hinges, bolts, hood latch and spring. You simply unbolt these items from  you original hood, and bolt them onto the RK Sport hood. Made in the U.S.A, the RK Sport Hood is available in three configurations. You can get it in full carbon fiber, with a carbon fiber top/ fiberglass underside, or in full fiberglass.  The hood fits perfectly on the vehicle and doesn't require any additional body work to even out the gaps between the hood and fenders. For more information contact RK Sport 26900 Jefferson Ave, Murrieta, CA 92562. (800) 214-8030.




The RK Sport Hood features a low-rise functional scoop and two heat extractors.











To remove the factory hood, simply open the hood and remove the two bolts holding the latch brackets from the underside.










Unbolt the factory hood latch and spring, and bolt them onto the underside of the RK Sport hood.












Remove the four bolts from the hood hinges located on top of the hood.











Have a friend help you lift and remove the factory hood from the vehicle.











Using the factory bolts, attach the hood latches brackets onto the RK Sport hood.










Place the RK Sport hood onto the Jeep.











Using the factory bolts, attach the hood hinges onto the RK Sport hood.











The RK Sport hood has an option to delete or include cutouts for the windshield washer squirters. If you're using the facory squirters,  you'll need to re-attach the hoses for the fluid.










The underside of the hood has a provision to match up to a Volant cold air intake kit.












The finished installation looks great, and dramatically changes the apperance and performance of the Wrangler.

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