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Posted: May 19, 2014

Remember When Word Of Mouth Was Social Media?

Easy tips that can help increase word-of-mouth advertising

By TTM Staff

While everyone is telling you how, what and when, to post on Facebook and Twitter for your business, the fact is word-of-mouth is still one of the best forms of advertising. Why? Because people trust people they know. So for someone to tout your company's services and friendly attitude means you reached them at a personal level and earned their business for life. So how do you get more people to become your store's "ambassadors" and spread the good word? Here are some of the top ways that have been explained to us by many truck accessory manufacturers and retailers we've spoken with over the past year.

1) First and foremost be friendly and helpful to your customers. The most loyal customers are the ones you've been most friendly with, and are more likely to tell others about you.

2) Ask them to spread the word about their business and even start up an incentive program for referring a friend. Satellite and cable TV companies, as well as some phone companies do it all the time. "Refer a friend, get $50 bucks off." Offer discounts to loyal customers who bring in friends that you make a sale off of. Loyalty has no bounds.

3) Make customers feel like this is THEIR store. If you added cool accessories to a customer's truck, take a photo of him or her with it and put it up on a wall visible to all. This makes the customer feel like they belong in this place, or that they are a part of your company's truck/automotive culture. People like fitting in and making them a part of your store is the best way for them to tout it to bring in new business.

There's not any real formula to create more word of mouth, but consider what happens to one of your best customers posting about your store on his or her social media page, and you'll see how your company's reach can multiply with a great ambassador.

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