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Posted: August 09, 2013

Pro-Comp Xtreme MT2 Tire Review

This Agressive Mud-Terrain Tire Is Also Tame Enough For The Street

By Dan Sanchez

Without a doubt, a new set of wheels and tires is one of the most dramatic ways for a truck owner to upgrade the appearance of their vehicles. No one knows this more than tire manufacturers such as Pro-Comp. The company has a complete line of tires that, when matched with a set of the company's aftermarket aluminum wheels, can completely change the look of any pickup truck.

One of Pro Comp's newest tires is the Xtreme MT2 radial. The tire is designed for full-size trucks and sport utility vehicles, and has an aggressive mud-terrain appearance. Although it's off-road characteristics are excellent, the Xtreme MT2 also provides proper load capacities for big trucks that tow trailers and haul heavy loads. With a Tri-ply construction, two steel belts and a spiral-wound nylon overwrap, the Xtreme MT2 combines excellent sidewall cut and puncture resistance with greater highway stability with a high load rating.

So for those truck owners who want an aggressive mud-terrain tire on their daily driver, but don't want to hassle with the problems associated with using a mud-terrain on the street, the Xtreme MT2 resolves some of those issues. It has a unique tread design that reduces noise, yet has a deep tread that provides traction in rugged terrain, mud, and snow. The two-step tread design adds stability, braking performance and promotes even tread wear that allows Pro Comp to give the tire a 40,000 mile warranty.

To try them out, we installed a set onto a 2013 Chevrolet Silverado HD pickup truck. Equipped with a Performance Accessories Premium Lift System, giving the truck 5.5 inches of lift, the Silverado was able to utilize a set of LT295/65R18's that measured out to 33.1 inches in diameter. When used with a set of 18x9-inch Pro Comp X-Treme Alloy cast aluminum wheels, the tires have a maximum load rating of 3,860 lbs. In addition, the tire also matched the Silverado's high tire pressure requirements to work correctly with the vehicle's TPMS sensors.

The first impression of the truck with the flat-black Pro-Comp wheels (PN-7033) and Xtreme MT2 radials mounted on the vehicle, was dramatic. The truck looked completely different from stock with a very aggressive appearance. On the highway, the tires ran smooth and although there is some slight tread noise at speed, it is much more subdued than comparable mud-terrain tires we've tried.

On more rugged terrain, we liked that the Xtreme MT2 had aggressive shoulder lugs arranged in an alternating scalloped pattern. This provided excellent traction when trying to climb out of deep sand and when maneuvering over rocky, dry river beds. The self cleaning capabilities of the tread were also beneficial in maintaining high traction and is designed to flick away mud and snow and provide improved traction. But once we were back on the pavement, it also kept most small rocks from lodging between the tread blocks and preventing the truck from flicking them onto the windshields of vehicles behind us. The rubber compound used on this tire includes silica to improve it's traction on wet roads and in cold temperatures. Off-road enthusiasts will also like that the tire is available in sizes from 31 to 37 inches in diameter.

Because this particular truck is used to haul a 25-foot travel trailer, the load capacity of the tires was an essential part of the upgrade. With the added weight of the trailer attached, the stronger sidewalls prevented the truck from squirming, especially during cornering, braking, and when experiencing windy conditions. Normally with taller tires, the steering can feel sluggish and slow to respond. Not so with these tires. The steering felt responsive and almost as sensitive as it did with the original equipment tires. The wider tread width also provided a noticeable difference in handling, without extending past the width of the truck's fenders.

For a rugged off-road tire, the Xtreme MT2 didn't dissapoint. But because of its added features that make it suitable for the street, the tire is one you won't regret using on a daily driver or work truck that can compliment your truck's cargo and towing capabilities.


Pro Comp
400 W. Artesia Blvd.
Compton, CA 90220

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How much for 4 pro comp mt2 35.12.50x20 ? Im in canada so if you can include the shipping please By Jf on 2014 07 22

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