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Posted: February 28, 2014

PendaForm’s New Wheel Well Liners

PendaForm creates a new product for the truck accessory market

By TTM Staff

PendaForm recently came out with a new product, Wheel Well Liners that are designed to protect the rear wheel wells in pickup trucks from damage due to road salts, tar, mud, dirt, rocks and debris. Many of these elements are constant at job-sites and in areas where snow and road-salts can quickly lead to corrosion.

The liners are made from 100 percent recyleable materials and are manufactured in the U.S.A. The liners are pre-formed to fit into the rear wheel wells of popular Ford and GM pickups, and do not require any drilling. According to PendaForm, the liners utilize factory bolts to hold them in place. Because they are pre-formed to the exact contours of each vehicle application, the fit like a glove and also provide extra sound dampening to reduce interior noise in the cab.

Currently the PendaForm wheel well liners are available for 2009-2014 model Ford F-150 pickups (non Raptor), 2011 and up Ford F-250 SuperDuty pickups, and 2014 GM Silverado and Sierra 1500 series trucks. 




Shown without a liner, this Ford F-150 pickup's bed and wheel wells are open to damage from road salts, mud, rocks and debris. 









With the pre-fomed PendaForm wheel well liner installed. the truck is protected, and has a cleaner appearance. 









200 Friendship Drive
New Concord, OH 43762
(800) 837-2574

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