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Posted: April 18, 2013

Installing SnugTop’s New AeroSport Truck Cap

Modern features will make SnugTop's new AeroSport truck cap a popular upgrade

By Dan Sanchez

Truck caps have come a long way since they were first used to protect cargo in the bed of a pickup truck.  New designs like SnugTop’s new AeroSport Cap, incorporate modern features that also enhance its ease of use, as well as the truck’s overall appearance.

For example, the AeroSport offers a variety of features and electronic conveniences that are optional, including a large rear glass lid that can be opened by remote control, using the factory key fab, interior lighting and a high-visibility LED third brake light. But despite the availability of modern conveniences, the installation procedure is very simple.

We were invited to experience how easy it was to install the SnugTop cap at their facility in Long Beach, California, which took about 20 minutes. If the cap is ordered with the extra electronic features, expect adding another 20-30 minutes to route and attach the wiring. The AeroSport cap was installed on this 2012 Ford F-150, and dramatically enhanced the truck’s overall appearance, giving it a sleek and sporty look that also protects and secures cargo in the bed.

P.O. Box 121
Long Beach, Ca 90801
(562) 432-5454




The cap comes pre-painted to match your vehicle’s color and is placed on top of the pickup’s bed. We used a fork-lift but four strong friends can easily do the job.








The underside of the lid features a wide rubber seal that provides a weather-tight barrier.







With the cap on the truck, it’s positioned so the front is flush with the front of the truck’s bed.









Once positioned correctly,  it’s easy to see how the cap matches the contours of the bed.







The wiring is different on various make and model trucks, but on the F-150 the wiring for using the factory key fab to unlock the cap’s rear glass door is attached to the harness in the engine compartment.








12-volt power is also wired directly to the battery.






SnugTop uses their locking clamps that attach the cap to the underside of the truck’s bed rails. A locking nut is also added to ensure the bolt doesn’t loosen.








The wiring for the third-brake light and glass door is routed up along the frame. A harness and plug is used to make it easy to remove and replace the cap.







The AeroSport cap also features opening rear windows that seal tightly and offer extra ventilation.

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