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Posted: January 19, 2014

Installing an ICI Magnum Front Truck Bumper

How to install an ICI Magnum front truck bumper onto a 1999 Ford F-250 pickup.

By TTM Staff

Aftermarket bumpers are a great way to upgrade the appearance and use of the vehicle. The ICI Magnum bumpers are an example of a steel plate, heavy-duty design that can provide a sturdy platform from which to mount a front winch and driving lights. In additon to making the vehicle more usefull in off-road and work environments, the Magnum bumper also enhances the appearance of new or older trucks. Installing an aftermarket bumper lilke this one is simple, and only requires basic hand tools, a floor jack and some help to hold the bumper up inplace while attaching it to the vehicle. For more information on ICI Magnum bumpes, visit

Installation Proceedure:

Lay out the bumper and installation hardware. A piece of carpet or an old blanket can be used to prevent the bumper from being scratched. Make sure you have all the hardware pieces that are provided in the kit.









Use low-tack masking tape to protect the area under the headlights to protect the area when removing and installing the bumpers.










Secure the bumper with a floor jack or have a friend hold it in place. Then  remove the factory bumper frame bolts that are located in the front inner wheel wells.








Remove the front bumper bolts attaching the bumper to the frame and pull the bumper straight out.











Unbolt and remove the factory tow hooks.









Insert the ICI bumper brackets into the factory frame and bolt them in with the hardware provided.










Insert the ICI bumper brackets onto the back of the bumper. Note that the brackets point outwards away from the mounting frame.










Usng a floorjack, carefully lift and align the ICI bumper to the bumper mounts and install the hardware. Check the alignment of the bumper with a tape measure and adjust as necessary.










Install any 4-inch diameter driving light of your choice to the welded tab behind the bumper. Then the installation is complete.








Photos provided By ICI
For more information, visit

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