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Posted: May 18, 2013

Installing A Pace Edwards Bedlocker Tonneau Cover

Tips on installing a Pace Edwards Bedlocker Electric Retractable Tonneau Cover

By Dan Sanchez

Offering a heavy-duty, electric retractable tonneau cover can be a great solution for your customers who do lots of towing, and are concerned about security of their cargo. But some retailers fear the extra time it may take to install one may drive up the cost, beyond what the customer is willing to pay. The fact is, however, installing an electric retractable tonneau cover has never been easier.

We discovered this when watching an installation of a Pace Edwards Bedlocker electric retractable tonneau cover, onto a 2013 Chevy Silverado HD. With a low-profile design and a hard powder coat finish on aluminum panels, the truck owners wanted the Pace Edwards Bedlocker, because it provided superior security and can also be locked in any position, making it great for 5th wheel trailers. In addition, if there’s ever a loss of power, the drive system can be unlocked, allowing the cover to be opened or closed manually. The truck owners were also concerned about keeping the cargo in their bed dry and secure. Because the Pace Edwards Bedlocker features a silicone weather hinge, it provided a water-tight seal between the aluminum panels, so their cargo would remain dry and secure.

The installation was almost as simple as a manually operated retractable tonneau. The tonneau and electric motor come preassembled and ready to attach to a set of clamp-on bed rails. The Pace Edwards new Speed Clamps secure the aluminum rails to the Chevy’s bedrails and two wires from the wiring harness, were routed to the engine compartment. Within an hour, the entire electric retractable tonneau cover was completely installed and operational, allowing truck accessory retailers the opportunity to sell tonneaus like this one, without having to cut into their overall labor costs. For more information contact Pace Edwards, 2400 Commercial Blvd., Centralia, WA 98531. 888 231-2586. Or visit them online at


We took the 2013 Chevy Silverado HD pickup over to RGCustom Cars in Orange, Ca. 714 628-6191, The installation from start to finish took about an hour and required someone to help lift the assembly into the truck. We followed along to feature the step-by step proceedure and found that although it was relatively easy to install, you need to follow the instructions carefully to ensure that everything, especially the aluminum rails, line up properly.



The Bedlocker’s aluminum panels and electric motor come pre-assembled in the canister that will be mounted towards the front of the truck.







The wiring harness is simply two wires that plug into the harness at the canister. This Silverado had a hard bedliner that was pulled up out of the way to route the harness from the engine compartment, under the cab, and up through one of the bed stake pockets.







The canister is placed in the bed of the truck and supported with the shipping box, or in this case, a plastic canister.










The aluminum bed rails are slid onto the canister on each side.







Once both aluminum rails are installed onto the canister, the assembly can be set on top of the truck’s bed rails.








Here you can see the rails resting on the truck’s bedrails. Note the harness attachment and the manual switch that unlocks the motor in case of a loss of power.






Pace Edwards provides these aluminum Speed Clamps that attach the tonneau cover rails to the Chevy’s bed rails. In some instances, shims are provided to ensure that the rails sit level to the top of the bed.








With the harness attached to the motor, the water drain tubes are directed down to the bed and away from any cargo.








A rubber seal is placed on at the front of the bed to seal the canister lid, preventing moisture and dirt from entering.







The wiring harness was routed along the bed frame and up into the engine compartment. The red wire attached directly to the positive post on the battery, while the black wire was attached to the negative post.










The system came with two key-fabs that operate the tonneau.





Fully installed, the tonneau not only offers a clean appearance, it also offers superior security and a weather-tite seal to protect cargo.

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