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Posted: May 09, 2014

How To Immediately Improve Your Store’s Sales

Rallying Your Sales Team With The Right Encouragement Can Improve Your Bottom Line

By Dan Sanchez

One of the best ways to immediately improve sales is to rev up your sales team with a pep-talk, and turn a higher percentage of your walk-in customers into a sale. Many professional sales teams understand the importance of rallying up your sales team, but it's also important to first understand their struggles. According to Jeremy J. Ulmer a profressional sales coach, who is ranked the number-one sales performer at two global Fortune 500 companies, it's important to first talk to the team and find out what makes their job difficult or what tools can they use to close more sales.

Once you've answered these questions and provided the right tools and materials, you can then go through a simple process of giving your team a pep-talk. Here's some of the best tips for accomplishing this, compiled from a variety of sources.

1) Set a time when everyone is present. If you need to, move schedules around to get everyone in place. This will let them know how important this is.

2) Set up realistic goals that are achieveable and give a list of keypoints you want to discuss.

3) Give examples of great things your sales team has done in the past. This shows that they've proven they are capable and that you've apprecaited their motivation in the past, and believe they can do it again.

4) Ask for ideas from the sales staff on how they think they could meet the goals you set.

5) Give them ammunition by setting up products that can be sold as packages or allow them to give special offers to customers if they purchase in-stock items.

6) Offer incentives for sales staff who reach their goals. It doesn't have to be a vacation to Tahiti, but could simply be a Starbucks gift card, and extra afternoon off. It doesn't have to be a big investment, just something that will show your appreciation.

7) Make sure they accomplish certain tasks to customers that enter the store like;
greeting them within 30 seconds, and offering assistance

8) Ask your team to engage customers in conversation. For example, ask about the customer's truck or SUV. This helps earn their trust and allows the customer to realize your sales team is knowledgable about their needs.

9) Encourage your sales team to present themselves in the best manner with a clean and properly dressed appearance. 

10) Make sure your sales manager is doing his/her job. Many unmotivated sales teams can stem from a poorly organized and motivated sales manager. Remind your sales manager that he/she is not a Sargent but a motivator and someone who can help a salesperson close a sale.

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