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Posted: December 13, 2013

Going Wide

Installing Dee Zee's 6-Inch Nerf Bars

By Dan Sanchez

Most new vehicle dealerships that upgrade a pickup truck with a leveling kit, most always need to add a nerf bar or side steps to the vehicle. The extra ride height makes it very difficult for the average height person to get into the truck, let alone someone who considers themselves short. While dealerships, restylers and truck accessory stores can choose from many styles of steps, the wide sized nerf bars, seem to be one of the easiest to install. 

Nerf bars like Dee-Zee’s Texture Black bars are available in four, five and even six-inch diameters. The wider diameter gives the nerf bar the advantage of a wide and secure step, while also keeping with the rugged appearance that truck owners want from a nerf bar. Installing a wide six-inch diameter nerf bar is easy, and because one size bar can fit a variety of applications, it’s not necessary to stock lots of bars, only the bracket kits.  We looked on as Rob Green of RG Custom Cars, a Southern California car builder and vehicle restyler, added a set onto a 2013 Chevy Silverado HD pickup that had recently received an extra 1.5-inches of lift from a leveling kit.

Green opted to use Dee-Zee’s six-inch Texture Black Nerf Bar, because it also covers the vehicle’s frame that’s often visible from the side, even at the stock ride height. The nerf bars easily mounted to the Silverado using the heavy-duty brackets that bolt up to the underside of the truck’s rocker panels. The installation took about 30 minutes and the molded plastic step pad on top of the bar, offered a wide area for the truck owner to get in and out of this newly lifted pickup.



Wide nerf bars like this Dee-Zee 6-inch bar, comes with brackets and hardware for easy installation.









The underside of the nerf bar features clip-nuts that can be adjusted on the bar to fit a variety of applications.







The mounting brackets use these nuts and bolts that fit into body holes in the truck’s rocker panels.








Following the instructions, Rob Green at RG Custom Cars removed one of the body plugs located under the Silverado’s rocker panels.








The elongated nut slips into the hole in the rocker panel, and secures the bracket in position.











Here you can see how the bracket attaches firmly to the rocker panel. There are three brackets on each side.













The bracket is also attached to holes in the pinch weld seam. On some installations where no hole is present, the instructions call for using the bracket as a template and drilling one.







Once the three brackets are installed, the six-inch nerf bar is placed on top of the brackets, and is aligned so the end of the bar is flush with the rear of the cab.







From under the Silverado, you can see how the nerf bar is attached to the bracket.












The step looks great and provides a wide platform for the driver and passengers to easily enter and exit the truck.








Dee-Zee’s 6-inch nerf bar also enhances the truck’s appearance, and conceals the underside of the frame, making the Silverado look clean and ready for a set of nice wheels and tires.








P. O. Box 3090
Des Moines, IA 50316
800 779-2102

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