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Posted: January 20, 2013

Fun Under Pressure

Livernois Motorsports Takes An SVT Raptor To The Extreme

By Dan Sanchez

Livernois Motorsports in Dearborn Heights, Michigan is well known for creating ultra-high performance vehicles.  Many are Camaros, Mustangs, Corvettes and Challengers, but the company sees its share of customers wanting high-performance trucks too. Their latest creation is an 850 horsepower Ford Raptor SVT that was built for a customer who wanted to get the most extreme performance possible out of this popular off-road vehicle.

Livernois took the factory 6.2 liter V-8, stroked it to 6.6 liters (379 cubic inches to 400 cubic inches) and added a twin-turbo system using Garret GT 35R-ball bearing turbos. The engine only uses six pounds of boost, but it’s enough to make this Raptor fly at outrageous speeds. The truck’s factory exhaust can’t handle the exhaust pressure so a CORSA stainless steel exhaust was used to help the engine breathe better.

While the Raptor’s factory suspension is good enough to handle the Baja 500, it had to be modified to take on difficult terrain at speeds a Trophy Truck may encounter. So a long-travel suspension was installed, along with dual-coil over socks with remote reservoirs to handle the abuse. The factory frame was also reinforced and to help control the rear axle, additional bracing was added to help keep it in place. The factory 17-inch wheels were replaced with Method Racing bead-lock wheels, and a new set of 37x12.5R17 General Grabber tires were used. Because the suspension travel is so great with this performance truck, new front fenders had to be used that are wider and have a two inches of greater clearance.

Although it’s a bit extreme, this Ford Raptor is a perfect example of how truck performance is alive and very popular with truck owners. Of course most won’t go to this level of performance. But trucks like the Livernois SVT Raptor definitely strikes a chord with truck owners who them to seek out performance products that can give their own vehicles some added power to haul that trailer up a grade, or carry that cargo to the job site.

Photos by Barry Kluczyk

Readers Respond

SVT has done an incredible job with this pickup truck, if it wasn't for the high price my friend definitely would've bought one from the dealership. Maybe he can find one used. Livernois does some great work, I know some really sick 03-04 Cobra Terminators that have come out of there. Stroked out Raptor would be sinister! By Jay44 on 2013 09 15

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