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Posted: March 29, 2013

Ford Atlas Concept Truck

A closer look at the future of the F-150

By TTM Staff

Ford atlas concept truck on Trucking Times.comWith truck sales on the upward swing, Ford decided to show off it's Atlas Concept truck at the Detroit Auto Show this year. The truck showcases the possibilities of the company's 2015 model year F-150, but there's no telling what pieces of the Atlas will be present in the actual production models.

In the meantime, as concept trucks go, the Atlas is a show stopper.  The bold grille, bulging fenders, interior and exterior ambient lighting may look like the truck is all asthetics, but the Atlas sports a number of neat innovations that are geared towards the real truck owner. Some of these include a Trailer Backup Assist, hidden cargo ramps, Dynamic Hitch Assist, integrated cargo tie-downs, built-in ramps, and more.

Ford also added many of the company's fuel efficency technologies to the Atlas, that include a drop down front chin spoiler that lowers at highway speeds, active grille shutters to improve aerodynamics, Auto Start Stop, a next generation EcoBoost engine and an electroniclly controlled transmission. In addition to ligher, thinner seats to provide additional legroom and save weight, the Atlas is said to provide up to a 2mpg improvement.

One of the neatest ideas on the concept truck, are the Active Wheel Shutters that open and close to improve aerodynamics. Another great feature on the Atlas is that the tailgate step can also be used as a cargo cradle to carry long items. In addition to a 110 volt outlet in the cargo box to charge tools, and sideview mounted LED spotlights, it seems like the more you study it, the more interesting innovations can be found on the vehicle.

Considering that Chevrolet just released its 2014 Silverado, and Nissan is also ready for a new Titan model, the competition for truck supremecy is fierce. With truck sales continuing to increase, the prospect for a healthy truck market and aftermarket sales, seem good.




A bold exterior provides a rugged appearance but this truck is much more efficient and capable.





The interior has lighter seats and more room, but the influx of new electronics will continue to make functions such as navigation, vehicle monitoring and entertaiment much easier and more ingegrated.





The Atlas features Active Wheel Shutters that open and close to improve aerodynamics.








The square exhaust tailpipe is a nice touch to a performance EcoBoost engine.





While the bed ambient lighting is cool looking, the integrated cargo holds and taller bedsides may be an indication of what's to come in future models of the F-150.

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