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Posted: February 21, 2014

Fleets Can Do More With What They’ve Got

Steve Freeto of MOR/Ryde explains how making work trucks more efficient can bring in new customers

By Steve Freeto, MOR/Ryde

Many companies with a new fleet of work-trucks are only interested in outfitting those vehicles with accessories that maximize the vehicle’s capacity and productivity. So selling the idea of improving cargo capacity and organization is a great selling point retailers can use to bring in more business. More fleets are utilizing aftermarket parts and accessories to modify their fleet, adapting them to the specific needs and requirements of the evolving workplace. Commercial fleet-truck customers rely on the knowledge, experience and product inventory of accessory retailers and restylers. Most fleets are under pressure to maximize their investment and expand the vocational uses of their pickup trucks. Therefore, a close relationship between fleet customers and accessory retailers will help meet the requirements of today’s work-truck.
Cargo-management products are some of the most popular among truck owners who use their vehicles in the workplace, as well as in lifestyle applications. The ability to store and organize more cargo with the limited space in the bed of a pickup has made products like the SlideZilla one that makes economic sense. In a common workplace atmosphere of doing more with less, and being as efficient as possible, SlideZilla’s patented elevated design offers double the storage space for work-trucks. SlideZilla provides an extra 10 inches of width above the wheel well for a full 58 inches of evaluated storage. The lock-and-load tray has multiple lock-out positions for easy loading and unloading of tools, equipment and gear both above and below the SlideZilla. The rubberized skid-proof tray has multiple tie-down points to secure tools and equipment necessary to get the job done. Furthermore, the SlideZilla provides storage solutions for short, medium and long truck beds in multiple tray lengths.
For retailers and restylers, one of the easiest ways to sell cargo-management products like the SlideZilla is to demonstrate it. But instead of having to make space for a full unit on the showroom floor, manufacturers like SlideZilla make smaller display versions that accomplish the same task. Being able to demonstrate the ease of use of SlideZilla, along with sharing the monstrous facts of extra storage space, will help provide work-truck customers a solution to their storage needs.  We know showroom space is valuable, so we have manufactured a display-size version. Because work-truck customers tend to be excited about being able to store more tools, equipment and gear in the bed of their truck, generating more sales with organizational tools like this one, make for a good investment into getting more work-truck and fleet customers.

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