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Posted: January 19, 2014

Five Low-Buck Methods To Improve Your Truck Accessory Store’s Showroom

Essential tips to maximizing your showroom's space and effectiveness

By TTM Staff

Many merchandising display experts and retail strategists can provide store owners with ways to maximize their retail showrrom space and profitability. But aside from paying thousands of dollars to re-design your store, here are some basic tips that can save money.

1) Get feedback from store managers and your favorite customers. Over time, these people will be able to point out areas that might seem dark, overly junky, dirty or in need of change. Your warehouse distributor may also be able to give you ideas when they come by to visit.
2) Change your store's interior design with the help of a college student studying merchandising or marketing. Most can do it for minimum wage or will offer services to complete a class project and get course credits. If you have a good relationship with other retailers in your shopping center or lot, you can partner up with them to divide the cost of a design professional.
3) Position top selling mearchandise to the right. Merchandising retail strategists have data that shows customers first look to the right when they enter into a store.

4) Get sales staff to greet and meet people before they walk up to the counter. According to marketing stategists, counters separate the store owner and clerks from the customers. Greeting and providing assistance among the asiles of the store can provide a better experience for customers and allow you to quickly gain their confidence.

5) Keep shelves low to increase visibilitly throughout the store. This allows customers to see the expanse of products you carry and the possibility of them seeing another product that they may be interested in.

Photo shows 4Wheel Part's new showroom design of the company's Riverside, California store. The showroom is considered the leading edge design with interactive displays, more products, and available information.

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