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Posted: January 25, 2013

EPA Comes Down Hard On Diesel Particulate Filter Removal kits

Aftermarket programmer manufacturer pays penalties for diesel particulate filter delete kits

By TTM Staff

In 2007 light-duty diesel truck owners were looking for ways to bypass the new Diesel Particulate Filter systems on their vehicles. Diesel truck owners have enjoyed huge gains in horsepower from aftermarket programmers and thought the DPFs would hinder perforamnce. In response, several aftermarket programmer manufacturers sold DPF Delete Kits, which allowed for the removal of the filters without triggering an engine trouble code. The kits were extremely popular with diestl truck owners wanting maximum hoserpower for their vehicles.

But the EPA recently enforced its position against the sales of DPF kits with a recent suit against one aftarmarket programmer manufacturer. Edge Products, out of Ogden, Utah, sold more than 9,000 units from 2009 to 2011. The company now must pay a 500,000 fine and buy back the devices from their customers. The company must also spend more than $150K in implemtation of an emissions mitigation project to offset the particulate matter emissions the EPA claims the sales of these devices caused.

Readers Respond

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks. Restaurant Billing Software By Chillypos on 2015 06 03
Is this what this country has come to? "We" as a nation have become a nation of wimps. Bend over America and get ready. The EPA will ruin the diesel programmer market in the name of clean air. These people(EPA) are absolutely stupid. Do they realize that these programmers are increasing the fuel mileage of diesel trucks. I have a 2007 Dodge 1 ton dually that gets 20 MPG. That is up from 15.5 before the tuner and cold air intake. They want effiency. Here it is "Dumbass" If this letter upsets the soft hearted. Too bad. Quit sucking the wet fart out of these assholes and fight for your freedom that this POS administration is yanking from you. By Steven Glover on 2013 04 05

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