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Posted: May 02, 2014

Easy LED Accessory Bumper-Light Upgrade

ICI Shows How To Install An LED Light Bar To Factory Bumper Openings

By Dan Sanchez

With LED lighting as one of the most popular upgrades for restylers and truck accessory retailers, finding ways to incorporate them into factory bumpers and fog-light pockets can become a challenge. ICI however, developed a line of OE Light Solutions kits, that make it simple to install LED accessory lights into factory locations, without messy wiring or bulky bracketry.

One common location to add LED lighting is in the openings located on many pickup truck bumpers. ICI demonstrated how to install a typical dual-row LED light bar in this area, using the company's OE Light Solutions kit. This particular truck is a GMC Sierra, and the ICI OE Light Solutions kit PN LBKT28CH-H fits 2007 thru 2014 models that allows the light bar to be attached in the bumper opening.

The OE Light Solutions kit provides the necessary bracket to hold the LED light bar in place, and comes with all of the necessary hardware to install the light without drilling. ICI used a Vision X Dual Row LED light for this installation and once it was installed, it gave the GMC a modern appearance, while providing exrta illumination of the road ahead.



The ICI OE Lighting Solutions Kit comes with all the necessary hardware to install an LED light bar into the bumper opening on this GMC pickup. The kit PN LBKT28CH-H fits 2007 thru 2014 GMC trucks and a Vision X LED Dual-Light Bar was used. 








The first step is to disconnect the negative lead to the battery and remove the top radiator core support cover. 









Locate the tabs just above the top edge of the center opening on the bumper. It already has holes that will be used to attach the ICI OE Solutions light bar bracket. 









Mount the LED light bar to the ICI OE Lighting Solutions mounting bracket and insert the assembly into the opening in the bumper. 









From this angle looking down from the top of the radiator core support, you can see how the ICI bracket holes line up with those on the OE bumper bracket. 


















Using the provided hardware in the kit, secure the ICI OE Solutions bracket to the bracket on the factory bumper to hold the light bar in place. 









Once the LED light bar is secure, the light bar can be wired to a stand alone auxiliary, dash-mounted switch, or can be wired to turn on with the OE fog lights. 









ICI Innovative Creations, Inc.
8960 W. Larkspur Drive
Peoria, Arizona 85381

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Where could somebody buy this light system or kit pn LBKT 28 CH-H By Bobby Westbrook on 2014 05 11

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