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Posted: November 20, 2015

Store Merchandising Is Key To Reaching Outdoor Truck Owners

BAK Industry's Charly Henley offers tips on how retailers can merchandise their displays to attract outdoor truck owners

By Dan Sanchez

There's no doubt that outdoor enthusiasts use pickup trucks to enjoy their adventures. So it's no wonder that many truck accessory manufacturers are effectively marketing to this segment of the truck market. Retailers can capture these truck owners, but to be successful, they need to understand who these truck owners are.

We spoke with Charly Henley, Director of Sales-West at BAK Industries, about how retailers an reach truck owners who enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. Henley emphasized that those retailers who take the time to participate in outdoor activities, can relate to new customers and gain their trust. "There is only ONE way to know your customer, and that’s to spend time in their shoes," says Henley. "That’s why we own trucks, go dirt-bike riding, boating, snow boarding, and participate in these types of extreme life adventures. Knowing someone, somewhere, is going to have the experience of a lifetime with their truck."

Once retailers have experience in these types of activities, they can begin to merchandise their stores to appeal to represent that segment of the market. "It’s difficult to be all things to all people and that holds true when you merchandise your store and your company truck," says Henley. "As you plan your showroom and dress your truck to park out in front, you need to know who your customer is and appeal to their senses. If your store caters to sportsmen/hunters, then your store and truck should represent that market. Banners, TV slide-shows, products and other advertising should be grouped in sections of the store and near other related products that make sense."

Retailers have been successfull appealing to more than one segment of their customer base, by groping products and displays that appeal to everyting such as work-trucks, outdoor, off-road, Jeep, etc. "Having a work truck section and an outdoorsman section can catch the attention of different customers," said Henlely. "Changing the store layout can mix things up too. Don’t be afraid to try seasonal products. When winter rolls in change up and merchandise snow board/ski and snow plow related products, depending on your area."

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