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Posted: June 19, 2015

Marketing, Manufacturing & Customer Engagement

Truck Accessories Group Makes Investments In Key Areas For Future Growth

By Dan Sanchez

With multiple brands under its belt, the Truck Accessories Group has to ensure there's room for future growth. According to Rich Florea, the company is taking a hard look at and investing in vital areas to the benefit of its retailers. "For TAG brands, we’re making investments in three critical areas: marketing, manufacturing and customer engagement. These investments are allowing us to educate customers on the advantages our brands and product lineups offer. And our ongoing pursuit of better designs, materials and manufacturing techniques to keep us on the leading edge in terms of the product."

For the retailer, these investments in marketing and consumer knowledge can provide additional tools to help sell and promote the TAG line of products. "We know that retailers and our dealer partners are the lifeblood of our company," said Florea. "We have in-house staff that spends 100 percent of their time servicing the needs of our retail, jobber and dealer partners. For LEER, the brand is one of our greatest assets, and our marketing efforts are focused on bringing customers to our authorized dealers. At Pace Edwards, our excellent relationships with WDs allow us to extend our marketing support to a nationwide footprint of retailers and jobbers."

Florea expressed that one of the key reasons for TAG's continued growth results from the development of well-defined brands that cover various segments of the tonneau and cap marketplace. "This starts with a rock-solid brand definition and position in the marketplace. Once you have that understanding, it’s possible to develop viable lines, price points, marketing programs and channel strategies that differentiate the individual brands and enable all of our partners to succeed.

“For LEER,” he added, “it’s the unique combination of top-of-the-line quality through superior craftsmanship, a diverse line of caps and covers, and the service and support of a dealer network that’s second to none. Our products continue to raise the bar on functionality, performance, and ease of use. For Pace Edwards, our advantage is delivering unique user benefits at an outstanding price. The SWITCHBLADE tonneau is a great example of this."

Another major area that Florea sees for additional growth is in the lifestyle market. Many new products have been developed to cater to fishing, hunting, and outdoor sports enthusiasts.  "These lifestyle markets are, individually, huge opportunities with distinct needs and usage patterns. We’re now creating products and marketing that cater to these specific communities," said Florea. "We’re also implementing geographically based marketing efforts that are driving new consumers to our retail partners."

For restylers and retailers, TAG's investment in these areas can lead to products that fit a growing customer base and translate to future growth in profits and better distribution. "We think the cap and tonneau markets have an incredible amount of room to grow," Florea said. "Ongoing advancements of features that enhance usability across all segments are the key to long-term success. Strategically aligned options, such as racks, storage systems and unique accessories such as the LEER Locker, can significantly add to the bottom line."

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