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Posted: August 23, 2015

Don’t Be Afraid To Sell Premium Products

Nils Forssman, CEO at Truck Covers USA says customers don't just shop for price, many want premium products.

By Dan Sanchez

Accessory retailers and restylers often get customers who are shopping for a tonneau cover based on price alone. But according to Nils Forssman, CEO of Truck Covers U.S.A., retailers shouldn't be afraid to sell high-end, premium products. "The key to successful tonneau sales is not being afraid to sell a premium quality product like ours, regardless of its price," said Forssman.  "Customers are discerning, and they will pay for quality, value, and reliability.  The ability to sell a premium product comes with knowledge of those goods. When selling premium products, it is more important to be able to differentiate between the products and explain the benefits of buying the high-dollar item instead of the cheapest cover in the shop.  Many consumers would spend the extra dollars to get the product of their choice if the sales staff is able to show them the value in the sale."

Forssman said that dealers who don't offer a premium product can miss a great opportunity, simply because they are not properly informed. "We have received calls from customers directly who wish to learn more about our product, and (we) learn that the customer has been misinformed. Every time, we are successful in being able to direct them back to the retailer to close the sale. We make every effort to keep our dealers informed and welcome the opportunity to do the groundwork and get them the information they need whenever they need it." 

Truck Covers sees the tonneau market as having a more diverse customer base, truck owners who can use the same vehicle for work, play and any other purpose. But instead of trying to invent a new tonneau to meet those needs, the company has adapted by accessorizing its popular roll-up model.

"Our priority has always been to keep our products customer orientated," said Forssman.  "We designed and manufactured the first-ever toolbox/roll cover combo, our American Work Cover.  The idea for this was born from feedback received from consumers who loved our roll cover but wanted the same strength, good looks and quality in a toolbox.  The Junior box evolved and was developed to satisfy the needs of the user who required a toolbox without sacrificing any bed space.

“Things like a roll cover, which can withstand loads up to 500 lbs., (has) automatic locking, and a manual keyless-entry system, are a few of the features that continue to give us a competitive advantage,” continued Forssman.  “Versatility and ease of use that come with add-ons -- like a custom rack system, Yakima racks, which fit into our tough side rails, LED lights, chrome handles, stainless steel trays, custom cooler boxes, and more -- guarantee that the customer has everything he/she will need for work or for play.  Our edge comes with the dealer having the ability to work with his/her customer to customize their truck through numerous options of covers/toolboxes/racks sold as combos or stand-alone products, thus being able to fulfill the unique needs of each shopper."

While Forssman believes that adapting is key to success in manufacturing and selling tonneau covers, it’s also important for retailers/restylers to maintain great customer service and develop long-term relationships. "Real success and true growth are seen in long-term relationships with the dealer and satisfied consumers," said Forssman. "Once retailers have secured the sale, it is imperative to have a great installation team. Otherwise, you will not secure that golden repeat business.  Retailers should know that we offer extensive installation training, because no matter how great the product is, if the install is not done correctly it affects the operation of the product."

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