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Posted: September 30, 2016

Bringing In Outdoor Profits

Manufacturers Comment On The Growing Outdoor Truck Segment

By Dan Sanchez

Head out on a weekend get-a-way to your favorite campsite or fishing hole, and you’re more than likely to see a bunch of pickup trucks. This is the growing segment of truck owners who are into the outdoors, and truck accessory manufacturers are wanting retailers and restylers to jump on the bandwagon. We asked a few manufacturers what their thoughts are on this market segment and how their products can meet specific needs to those truck owners. 

Mike Timmons, VP of Sales At Truck Hero : "Here at BedRug we see this outdoor market continually growing. With more and more of the younger generation getting involved, we see this market growing each and every year.  The BedRug product for example, is perfect for the outdoorsman. It doesn’t absorb liquids and take an impact due to its 3/4-inch closed cell foam. Its soft non-skid surface protects the truck and the outdoorsman’s gear, making it a very popular for every type of sportsman."

John Stetham VP Sales & Marketing, LEER : "The outdoor segment of the pickup audience is still growing. People are working hard and have stressful lives. That makes them very passionate about their hobbies, especially people who love the outdoors – people who fish, hunt, hike and camp. LEER caps, tonneaus and accessories like LEER Locker are must-have gear for these outdoor enthusiasts."  

Nils Forssmann, President Truck Covers U.S.A. : We don’t believe the outdoor segment will ever reach its peak.  It is constantly growing and becoming more popular and sophisticated.  In fact, Truck Covers USA prides itself in constantly evolving and adding products to meet the growing needs of the discerning consumer.  Our products are interchangeable, versatile, and can be used together or as stand-alone.  We are as nimble as the customer who is constantly modifying their needs as they use their trucks for work or for play.

While these are only a few manufacturers who commented, many other truck accessory manufacturers are also looking into the growing outdoor segment. In fact, manufacturers of products such as cargo management systsems, suspension, LED lighting accessories, and more,  agree that retailers and restylers who incorporate these types of products into their inventory, end up with greater sales revenues in the long run. 

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