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Posted: March 01, 2013

Building Brand Image And Product Awarenes

A well branded product can do well in the commercial & fleet market

By Joel Ayres

One of the biggest areas of increase for the past year and a half has been on the fleet/commercial side. These businesses had been hanging onto their trucks and vans a lot longer than they normally would. At some point, they have to buy a new vehicle — it’s not a luxury item for them. That’s how their business survives. It’s all about level of comparison.

We saw an unprecedented boom in the truck  industry starting 20 years ago. So expectations were high. Is it as good as 2007? No. But if it’s as good as it was in 2004, that’s thing you should be looking at. In our specific case, we started a new marketing campaign a year and a half ago — new branding, new company look, including our product styling and features.

We introduced that at last year’s SEMA Show, and that was where a lot of our  boom came from. Our main product is not like a grille or wheels. It’s basically for function. But we added some sex appeal to give it a modern look. We added color, and some powder coats are different depending on the model. We laser cut our logo in the side and went from a carpeted deck to a rubberized material. And we redesigned our ads and business cards to create a consistent brand image from  marketing, design and product standpoint.

We were one of the original inventors of the sliding cargo trailer. As a result of our marketing, we’ve seen more competitors come into the field. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because that means we’ve raised awareness of the product segment. If it’s a segment of the industry that’s growing, you don’t need to worry about competitors. What you want to  do is position yourself so you’re always one step ahead. Any time more people raise awareness of a product segment it’s a good thing.

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