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Posted: January 20, 2013

Basic Mobile Marketing Steps You Should Be Using

Use these simple low-buck steps to reach customers and business partners

By TTM Staff

Just the fact that more than 270 million smart phones were sold in 2010, should awaken truck accessory manufacturers and retailers that mobile marketing is a necessary component to the success of your business. Tablet devices are also on the rise and the need for consumers to be able to access and see your products, and purchase them from a qualified retailer, has never been so important.

According to John Hedges of Hedges & Company, a market research company, nine out of ten automotive enthusiasts use the internet and their mobile devices to find information before making a purchase at a retail store. These are key findings that define the common process of inquiry, shopping and purchasing. For brick and mortar stores, mobile marketing can increase your customer base, by allowing your store to become a part of the process. For manufacturers, allowing consumers to find products on your website, then allowing them to find either an on-line or local retailer can lead to more sales.

Low-Buck Methods To Reach Mobile Customers
From a retailer's standpoint, reaching mobile customers begins by making sure your store is listed on internet local business pages. This includes Google Places, Google Maps, Yellow Pages, and as many other listings as you can find. Most are free and allow you to add your address, phone, business hours and more. For an additional fee, they can include images, additional location listings and other options that let  your store stand out from the other listings in the area. But those options aren't always necessary. A simple listing will allow mobile customers to find your store and either call or stop-in to see if you have the products they're looking for.

Truck accessory manufacturers need a slightly different approach to begin to reach mobile customers. Whiel truck retailers are busy trying to aggregate consumers, the primary customer for manufacturers are warehouse distributors, retail partners and jobbers. Studies have shown that mobile devices are most commonly used to check e-mails. Therefore, as a manufacturer, you can stay in touch with your customers by sending out monthly e-mails. Notify them about new products, price changes, availability of your hottest selling products, and if you've changned or augmented your sales staff.

Social Media Is Huge On Mobile Devices
Social media pages are also accessible through mobile devices. So retailers and manufactures can also reach customers by providing addtional information here as well. Because social media pages are "social" make sure to keep your followers entertained. Add other types information such as photos of cool vehicles with your products, events you'll be attending, and other related news. You don't want to turn people away by constantly pushing your products to them, or by announcing weekly sales.

Website Aren't Always Mobile Friendly... But That's Okay
If your website hasn't been updated in a while, it can still be viewed on mobile devices. It just won't necessariy always fit correctly within the viewing area of the device. If you don't have the budget to add a mobile friendly landing page for your site, at the very least, make sure that you can clearly see the "Contact-Us" button that will lead mobile customers to your address, and phone number. This way they can still reach and contact you for questions and information.

All of these steps are easy to set-up and inexpensive. But they are a must to reach the growing number of people using mobile devices to shop and purchase products. After implementing these initial steps, ask your customers how you're doing and see if they can offer suggestions that can ultimately help you gain more interatcion with your customers.

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Great post for the marketing people. We can create brand awareness for a product using banners ads, paper ads with discount offers, free deliveries and more. Positve opinions, feedbacks will cause to reach new cusomers in the global market. patience should be more after release a product to achive the success. Keep it up with such nice posts. Steve @ By Steve on 2013 02 02

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