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Posted: July 09, 2014

Adding Profits With Performance Brakes

Upgrading Brakes Extends Service Life Of Work-Truck And Fleet Vehicles

By Dan Sanchez

Retailers wanting to gain more work-truck and fleet customers, should look beyond upfitting vehicles with more than just truck caps and towing products, and consider offering performance brakes. Because the factory rotors have no way to dissipate the heat, the heavy loads on a work or fleet truck create a great deal of heat which cause the brake rotors to warp and crack. By offering performance brake rotors and pads to your customers, you can not only open up a new profit center, but also add more service life to their vehicles and help reduce their annual operational costs.

While this sounds great, most retailers don't want to stock lots of brake rotors and pads. This is why companies like, provide wholesale accounts for retailers. This makes it easy to quickly get the right components for their customers, with the ability to make additional profits.

According to, the company supplies many retailers that exclusively sell to fleet customers and provides them with excellent profit margins anywhere from 60 percent and up. The company does not require minimum orders, but larger volume orders get deeper discounts.

With this in mind, retailers are left to figure out what products are best for their fleet and work-truck customers. Companies like provide complete literature on the variety of products, but the most common upgrade is to simply change the rotors and pads. A performance rotor can reduce rotor surface temperatures that lead to warping, and cracking. The techs at recommend a dimpled, not drilled rotor to help dissipate heat. Dimpled holes also dissipate heat without sacrificing rotor strength like a fully drilled rotor. Dimples also move air from the surface of the rotor while also reducing surface temperatures, eliminating hot spots and warping. 

Rotors that also include slots also improve braking performance. According to, strategically placed slots with a machined edge can improve braking performance by up to 30 percent over factory stock brake rotors. The addition of a slot on the rotor also removes water, dust, and debris while minimizing the heating of the pad surface. The slot edges are also machine-rounded to achieve maximum degassing and dust removal.

Combine a performance dimpled and slotted rotor with a premium semi-metallic brake pad, and stopping performance can be greatly increased using the vehicle's factory brake system. Premium pads typically have a higher heat range and friction level that can handle extreme temperatures generated by vehicles prone to warping brake rotors. pads come with metal shims to eliminate vibration and can provide your customers with noise-free braking.

While there may be less expensive pads available, premium pads are often manufactured from a positive molding process for stable friction performance and even wear. They also feature precision-cut or shaved backing plates made to exact original equipment manufacturer dimensions and specifications. Better pads have fewer impurities and accelerate the break-in process so your work truck and fleet customers can go right back to work.

Retailers can also show their customers a cost savings, over the long haul, and products from manufacturers like, offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on their rotors against manufacturer defects, warping and cracking. Consider that factory rotors only come with a 30 day warranty and no warranty against warping and cracking. So basically your customers will never have to buy another set of rotors again!

Its easy to see how adding brake performance items in your store can lead to longer lasting relationships with work trucks and fleets. But anytime a retailer can reduce a company's annual operating costs and provide longer service life from their vehicle, will earn a customer for life.



Factory truck brake rotors often warp or crack if used with heavy loads. Work and fleet trucks often suffer from this problem and have to change brakes often, leading to higher operating costs. 








Providing customers with performance rotors can dramatically improve brake performance and life, while offering the retailer added profits. This performane brake rotor from, features a higher grade metal with dimples and slots to reduce heat. 







Premium semi-metallic brake pads also make a big differrence in reducing heat and improving braking performance. A higher quality pad will provide shims to eliminate brake noise and often have a higher friction and heat range to help stop a heavy work truck. 








With good margins and additional installation charges, you can not only develop a new profit center for your truck accessory store, but also help your customers reduce their operational costs and extend their vehicle's brake performance. 








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