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Posted: February 12, 2013

A Team Effort

Anthony and Cari Zamora jumped in the truck accessory business by becoming a truck bed liner dealer.

By Dan Sanchez

Starting your own truck accessory business may seem like a huge undertaking, but many small business get started simply by installing spray-on bedliners. This was the case for Anthony and Cari Zamora, a husband and wife who started Team+ Bullet Liner in Murrietta, California, "For many years, I was heavy in the construction business", says Anthony Zamora. "When the economy and construction slowed down, I knew it was time to get into something else."

Zamora had looked into spray-on bedlliners and saw it was something he would enjoy and could become a great way to start his own business. "He always wanted a business of his own," says Cari Zamora. "We looked at what it would take to be involved and I urged him to simply go for it!"

The Zamoras did their research and after some careful thought, they jumped in, investing their savings to become a local Bullet Liner dealer. "Of course it was a little scarry at first," says Zamora. "But the folks at Bullet Liner were extremely helpful. I went through the training, and they kept calling and visiting with me to make sure I had everything set-up. I never felt alone and knew whatever problems I had, they would be there to help me."

After he got all of his equipment, Zamora built his spray-booth by hand. "Being in the construction business, Anthony meticuliously built the spray-booth bolt-by bolt, and wanted it to be perfect," says Cari. But the realization of an awesome spray booth wouldn't be enough to garner buisness to pay off their initial investment. So Zamora began to market his buiness to local truck dealerships. After a few initial bedliner installs, one of the local dealerships began referring their customers to Zamora. "At this point, we schedule the installs so that I can work construction during the day, and two or three nights a week, I can apply the bedliners," he says.

Team Bullet Liner spray boothAfter being open for only a few months, the Zamoras are confident they'll have enough business to offset their initial costs and be profitable within a short period of time. "It's a lot of work, but after your first several installs, you begin to find ways to become more efficient," he says. "Now, I can do two or three installs in one evening and ensure that the quality meets up to my high standards."

Things are looking good so far for Team Bullet Liner. In fact, that they are looking into expanding their business to carry and install other truck accessory products, such as bumpers, tow hitches, nerf bars, and other bolt-on items that their customers have been asking for. The Zamoras seem to have the drive and confidence to make their small business a success, and it shows in their work and efficiency they've built into it. "I honestly could not have gotten this far without the support and faith of my wife Cari," says Zamora. "She's really been the one urging me to make it happen, and has encouraged me every step of the way."

While the Zamoras are one of many individuals who have found success jumping into the truck accessory market with a spray-on bedliner business, they are definitely unique in how they entered into it as a husband and wife team. Their support for each other, confidence in the Bullet Liner product, and their quality of work, are perhaps the reason for their current success, and the potential for their continued growth.

Bullet Liner equipment.





With an initial investment, the Zamoras got their equipment set up and began marketing their business to local truck dealerships.




Team Bullet Liner application





With quality workmanship and a reliable urethane bedliner company behind them, the Zamoras are on their way to a successful business in the truck accessory marketplace.

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